we build technology and sustainable business models to address social issues

The nonprofit sector contributes to over 5.4% of the GDP in the USA and is a growing $1.7 trillion per year industry.

In a world where people get matched to a movie, a book, a for-hire car and can even swipe left and right to be paired with love, can we use the same technologies and business models to help nonprofits have greater impact?

Giving Tech Labs provides best in class technology and sustainability models to deliver results in a sector which has been largely ignored by technologists.

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we ideate and execute on sustainable and scalable solutions to your organization’s everyday problems

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what is the problem and who has it? how can tech help? are there existing solutions to leverage?


is the proposed solution compelling and intuitive to use? who would buy it? does it fit user’s life? what are the addressable and target market?


what are the regulatory and competitive landscapes? how to monetize the solution? what are the key perfromance indicators? what is the best branding & messaging platform? what are the gtm financials?


what is the system architecture and the product roadmap? what are the specs for the mvp? what are the development costs?


launch the mvp and start execution of a leveraged 4 concentric circles gtm ™ including channels & alliances,  test monetization, protect IP and evaluate exit options.

we’re here to help you to address a complex social issue!

through creative storytelling and business models, technology innovation & proven expertise

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