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powering impact and change

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technology for the public interest #tech4pi

at giving tech labs we build public interest technology ventures;  addressing social issues is our passion.

Equality, equity, and social justice are fundamental values guiding our pursuit.

Our vision is to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to drive positive impact and change through artificial intelligence, data sciences and sustainable models to address systemic social issues.


x4impact, a market intelligence platform for social innovation™ is our path to deliver on this vision.

Our mission is to create technology for the public interest.

Our ikigai is to help addressing complex problems in society with #tech4pi

In a world where people get matched to a movie, a book, a for-hire car and can even swipe right to be paired with love, can we use the same technologies and business models to help nonprofits deliver on their mission?

we power impact and change

Giving Tech Labs creates technology and sustainability models to deliver results in a sector which has been largely ignored by technologists. We focus on three core areas of innovation to unleash the potential of the nonprofit sector creating sustainable public interest technology and practical applications of AI for the public interest.


we create tech for public interest and sustainable business models


we take a systemic perspective to maximize social impact at scale 

ai for good

fellowship program to create ai for public interest:

tech4pi portfolio

      • X4IMPACT – Online exchange for Technology for the Public Interest
      • AISENSA – AI applied to Sound Tech and Knowledge Graphs for Human Services
      • AI4PI – Fellowship & Research Lab creating AI for Good
      • NURTUREUS – Tech for Early Childhood Education.
      • VIDANYX – Helping children who are victims of sexual abuse (spun-off Jan 2020)
      • GIVING PLANNER – A Personal Giving Manager (Spun-off Feb 2019)
      • GIVING COMPASS – Impact-Philanthropy (Spun-off Jan 2018)


our model


identify problem

  • research
  • confirm problem
  • explore systemic impact

build solution

  • ideation
  • prototype
  • market plan
  • product plan
  • monetization

get funding

  • catalytic grants
  • impact investing
  • royalty loans

take it to market

  • run operations
  • reach impact goals
  • evaluate exit options


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