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We Create, Advise, Invest in Technology Companies That Solve Urgent Social Issues.

Technology for the Public Interest #Tech4PI

At Giving Tech Labs we build, advise, and invest in Public Interest Technology Ventures.  Addressing social issues is our passion.

Equality, equity, and social justice are fundamental values guiding our pursuit.

Our vision is to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to drive positive impact and change through the deployment of Technology for the Public Interest under sustainable models.

To inspire others we created x4impact, the largest market intelligence platform for social innovation™

Our mission is to create an impact through technology for the public interest.

Our ikigai is to help to address complex problems in society with #tech4pi

The Social Minute in the US - Giving Tech Labs - X4i - 2019

In the last 60 seconds, we exchanged 250 million emails and instant messages, watched 4 million YouTube videos, 700,000 hours of Netflix, and even swiped 1.4 million times in Tinder searching for love.

Cloud technology powered by artificial intelligence has advanced our lives in ways we never imagined possible.

However, other things happen in one minute in the US. It is this “other” minute we do not talk about enough and that we want to bring to the forefront of the debate on tech innovation, making a case for Tech for Public Interest.

We Power Impact and Change

At Giving Tech Labs we inspire, advise or invest in social ventures that deliver results in a sector that has been largely ignored by technologists.

Tech4PI Innovation

We incubate a new Tech Social Enterprise every year and we graduate it from our lab under a fully operating team and with a sustainability model in place.

Our incubations exit our lab as a C-corp or as a 501c3; in both cases, with sustainability models in place.

Since 2017 we have successfully created 7 tech ventures that deliver impact to +150,000 monthly users.

Impact Investing

We remain as shareholders and Board members in the Social Enterprises that graduate our lab under a C-corp or B-corp structure.

We make a handful of investments in seed rounds or series A in promising Software Social Enterprises that have a B2B business model, are past product-market fit, and where our expertise can help them to realize their full potential.

Digital Transformation

We engaged as acting CXOs with emerging or established tech companies and apply our proven model on:

  • Branding & Leveraged Go-To-Market Strategy.
  • Business Modeling, Unit Economics, Impact Metrics, Data, Product, or Services Monetization Paths.
  • User Experience and User Journeys optimized for reaching Impact Goals.
  • Tech Assessments, including architecture review (on AWS), Gap Analysis & Audit of Digital Tools.
  • Data into Insights and roadmap planning for product and data strategy.

Our Incubations and Portfolio

  • X4IMPACT – The largest market intelligence platform to spark social innovation, with over 500 million data-insights
  • AISENSA – AI applied to Sound Technology for Human Services with complete user privacy
  • E-IMMIGRATE – Immigration Services Marketplace (spun-off Aug 2020 as a 501c3 under Silicon Valley Community Foundation)
  • VIDANYX – Helping children who are victims of sexual abuse (spun-off Jan 2020 as a C-Corp; currently based in Omaha, NE)
  • GIVING PLANNER – A Personal Giving Manager (Spun-off Feb 2019 as a 501c3)
  • GIVING COMPASS – Impact-Philanthropy (Spun-off Jan 2019 as a 501c3)

Our Model at Giving Tech Labs

Whether we are creating a new Tech Social Enterprise in our Innovation Lab, or advising a Social Enterprise that is part of our Impact Investing Portfolio, we follow a proven model for success.


Identify the Problem

  • Research
  • Validate Problem with Target Market
  • Confirm Systemic Needs

Build a Solution

  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Market Plan
  • Product Roadmap
  • Business Model

Get Funding

  • Pre-sales
  • Catalytic Grants
  • Impact Investing via a Standard Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Take it to Market

  • Run Operations
  • Reach Early Traction on Impact Goals
  • IP Protection
  • Revenue Generation
  • Exit from Lab as a 501c3 or C-corp