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the U.S. in 60 seconds

In the last 60 seconds, we exchanged 250 million digital messages, watched 4 million YouTube videos, 700,000 hours of Netflix, and swiped 1.4 million times in Tinder. Cloud technology powered by AI has advanced our lives in ways we never imagined possible.

However, other things happen in one minute. It is this “other” minute we do not talk about enough and that we want to bring to the forefront of the debate on tech innovation.

recent submissions

Explore recent entries to get inspired and click here to submit your problem statement.

Solving fragmentation of support and effort in the troop, veteran family support sector

The greatest challenge facing veterans, and their families is not so much the lack of services available (there are tens of thousands), but how to effectively navigate the vast array of disjointed resources in order to access support.

Code of Support Foundation


Finding teens in Social Media, who are at risk of being approached by a predator

We’ve analyzed over 2 million photos and have identified about 60,000 teens who seem to be most at risk for poaching by predators. We’d like to reach out to them and help inoculate them against this kind of tactic. Our strategy would be to start a movement on Instagram called “Models Against Trafficking” and then invite these at-risk girls to join that movement as “brand ambassadors”.

Humans against trafficking

Consistent access to quality K-12 education in the rural undeveloped areas

We believe that we can leverage digital technology to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by delivering quality education that enables the underprivileged people in the remotest parts of the world to lift themselves out of poverty. This education, that can be scaled through digital technology, can span the worlds of K-12 (Kindergarten and above) school learning, healthcare information, skills development, and sustainable livelihood generation.

Turn the Bus Foundation

Accessibility and Ownership of health data

There is a black box, blocking patients from accessing and using their own health data to make care decisions. This affects not only individuals with cancer but all of us!


Access to Reliable Information, Resources and Connections for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

There are over 6 million individuals in the U.S. with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. It is becoming increasingly difficult to access the resources, tools, and connections needed to have a healthier and happier life. Search engines often point to outdated, non-relevant or, in some cases, false information. Individuals and families feel isolated and lost. There are many NPOs doing a wonderful job but technology could help them to increase their reach.

Jubilee Association of MarylandSpecial Olympics International

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