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we invite you to share how technology for public interest can impact your organization and support mission-delivery.

completed, valid submissions will get early access to a private beta of an online eXchange for tech4pi in the spring of 2020 and connect with solution providers, entrepreneurs, grantors, and impact investors.

(at this time we can only accept entries from .org, .gov and .edu)

what is tech4pi?

Cloud technology powered by artificial intelligence has enhanced our lives in ways we never imagined possible. How can we leverage these technologies to maximize impact for millions of nonprofits and social organizations worldwide?

The answer is not as simple as creating one-size-fits-all solutions. For technology to address complex problems in society, it must be grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior, cultural differences, empathy, inclusion, and human connections.

Technology for Public Interest – #tech4pi, is a field dedicated to leveraging technology, data sciences, ethical AI and proven sustainability models to support public interest organizations in the delivery of their mission. In addition to advocacy efforts, Tech4PI includes policy and regulations improvements in creating technology to address urgent issues in society. Tech4PI encompasses important principles such as:

collective impact anchored in inclusion

these complex problems require the private sector, government, NPOs, and capital sources to work together

ethical ai transforming data into knowledge

transforming data into knowledge through ethical AI with a relentless focus on measurable impact at a systemic level

building lasting operational field capacity

building field capacity with sustainability models in place as technology alone does not solve problems; people do.

tech4pi is about making our ikigai the creation of sustainable technologies and business models to make the world a better place.

From Darkness to Light with Tech for the Public Interest

From Darkness to Light with Tech for the Public Interest

There is no reason why people in the U.S. should have more information about their nearest coffee shop than where to go for sexual assault response. This summer I was introduced to one of the nation’s leading sexual assault reform advocates, Leah Griffin. I...

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inclusion and tech4pi

inclusion and tech4pi

God is not a good audience My reflection on Inclusion on day one of the second fifty years of the Special Olympics Here’s to another 50 years of inclusion. This is what the Special Olympics has brought into our society within the last half a century! During its...

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return on social impact – do good while doing well

return on social impact – do good while doing well

We love talking about ROI, should we also talk about Return on Social Impact? We swim in a cloud of technology at our fingertips 24/7 thanks to the ubiquitous mobile internet, and we take these technologies for granted. However, just in the US, beyond the emotional...

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