Giving Compass


Project Brief Individual donors give over $280 billion a year to causes close to their heart. But most of us do not stop and think about the impact, and only 9% devote at least 2 hours per year to do comparative research to inform their giving because measuring and understanding impact is hard. [...]

Coras List


Project Brief In conversations with leaders of nonprofit organizations and community foundations in NE, NY, CA and WA, we realized that a sector that has over $900B in annual revenues and trillions in assets is not enjoying the matching and marketplace technologies available for consumers to find a service provider, physical goods or [...]



Project Brief TeamMates Mentoring Program is a one to one, school-based mentoring program. Giving Tech Labs was initially engaged by the Raikes Foundation to meet with the leadership team of TeamMates in October 2017 with the intent to evaluate the opportunity to harness matching technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to algorithmically suggest [...]

A Way Home America


Project Brief A Way Home America (AWHA) is a national initiative created with the sole purpose of ending youth homelessness. One of the AWHA grantors is the Raikes Foundation, joined by a coalition of organizations supporting AWHA on their steering committee. A Way Home America (AWHA) needs to develop an online mapping tool [...]