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A sustainable social enterprise that offers a cloud-based video management solution (SaaS) to protect children who are victims of sexual abuse and neglect. Child Advocacy Centers using the solution reduce their operating cost per forensic interview by 95%, enabling those centers to focus more time and money in prevention, education and related activities to maximize their social impact.


Artificial Intelligence Fellowship and Innovation Lab creating Open Access AI for Good, addressing social issues related to Human Services, Humanitarian Aid and Accessibility while testing models for AI Data Sciences as a Service for NGOs.


Speech technology to enable real-time feedback for early childhood (0-6) teachers and program managers to improve data collection, measurement, benchmarking, and development. We are currently in the feasibility phase and beta algorithm development.


A marketplace organizing public interest technology needs, available systemic technology solutions and matching funders with NGOs deploying public interest tech.


A first of its kind mobile web application for individuals to plan, track and benchmark their donations of time, money, and in-kind gifts. Built by our lab in 2018 and self-sustainable via SaaS licensing fees for Financial Institutions, Wealth Management firms and Community Foundations 


A web portal aggregating information related to philanthropy; sustainable by licensing their API and the Giving Planner Tool. Built by our lab in 2017, now operating as an independent company. By March 2019 it had over 25,000 curated pieces of content, partnerships with leading organizations in the sector and over 30,000 monthly users


An online portal to find trusted resources, news, events, and providers related to US immigration, sponsored by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


technology and sustainability

We offer executive consulting focusing on Technology evaluation and Roadmap, AI models, Go To Market Plans and Execution to achieve Operational Efficiency through Technology. We also offer strategic planning and execution of long-term sustainability models.

We have helped some of the largest foundations in the world to evaluate their technology programs or technology solutions developed by their grantees.

Making an impact in the life of just one child is enough to change the world. Who knows if that child could go on to become the next Gandhi, Parks, Einstein or Bader? (read our co-founder interview with Thrive Global). VidaNyx users report savings of up to 95% of the total cost per case which free up resources that can be used to serve more children and to shift the focus towards prevention to end the cycle of abuse.  This Report, updated daily, shows some impact indicators.

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