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This experimentation division offers a bridge between academia and sustainable public interest tech ventures. The division, under the leadership of one of the world’s most recognized experts in AI and Data Mining, offers intensive quarterly programs to undergrad and grad students of Computer Science, Behavioral Economics, Data Sciences Boot Camps and Applied Math interested in the field of Public Interest Technology.

AI data sciences for good

Fellowships for cohorts of 6-8 students who work for a minimum of 6 weeks and up to a year creating quick prototypes of applied AI to social issues, AI modules, algorithms, and publications that will be available in an Open Access License.

Publications and building blocks have immediate applicability in the areas of Human Services and accelerate the pace at which social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and the private sector can develop Public Interest technologies to deliver on social impact.

Apply now If you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical discipline with a focus on software development, applied math or behavioral economics, or if you are attending a Data Sciences Boot Camp

impact goals


Experiential learning opportunity for up to 24 undergrad and grad students to participate and graduate in the program every year. Students are compensated for the hours worked.

tangible AI

Targeting 50+ prototypes, and 5 or more trained AI modules for Public Interest Use, and 2 whitepaper publications per year, all focused on applied AI to solve real social issues.

open access

Library of open access AI modules and business models: Published in a GitHub Repository for Public Interest Tech, hosted by Giving tech Labs.


AI4PI will be documented as a program so that initiatives at different Universities such as Impact++ at University of Washington or CS for Good at Stanford can replicate the program with tech leaders such as Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Tableau, and others as part of their “Public Interest Tech” programs.

AI as a service

The programs also serves as a pilot for potential models to offer AI Data Sciences as a Service for NGOs

a sample of current AI for Good projects

Training AI modules to remove PII from large datasets

AI-assisted collaborative content creation for NPOs, Academia, and Governments,

Training AI modules for increased accuracy on transcriptions related to Human Services NGOs,

Analysis of Sounds and Voices applied to Early Childhood Education,

Evaluation of Cognitive Abilities in children 0-6 years old,

Trained Bot for Case Management,

Trained Bot for supporting NGO Field personnel deployed for humanitarian actions.

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