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AI for the Public Interest – AI4PI, is the Research & Development Division at Giving Tech Labs.

Led by Dr. Ying Li, it bridges academic research, experimentation, and innovation to deliver sustainable technology for the public interest ventures, in order to transform not only a scientific field but also the whole nonprofit sector. A sector that is often technologically underserved and lacks resources with tech expertise.

In our prototypes section, you can see artifacts, prototypes, and research papers published by our team, as well as the resources we make available for the sector at large.

Our publications and artifacts have immediate applicability in the areas of Human Services and accelerate the pace at which all social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and the private sector can deliver social impact.

AI under ethical principles

The program combines know-how in the most pressing issues in society with expertise in Knowledge Graphs and Sound Technologies under Ethical Principles of AI.

creating field capacity

Training a new generation of knowledge engineers and data scientists, and exposing students to the fulfillment of social impact to build a pipeline of talent for nonprofit and social sector organizations.

AI fellowship program

AI4PI offers an elite Fellowship program accommodating cohorts of 6 students working to create rapid prototypes, applying AI to social issues, training AI modules, developing algorithms, and authoring publications.

The program offers rigorous and intensive research and development for fellows of the highest caliber interested in advancing AI for good, including undergraduates and postgraduates in applied math and engineering.

distinguished fellows alumni

Abraham Miller

Abraham Miller

Distinguished Fellow 19-20

Publication: “Acoustic Measures for Real-Time Voice Coaching”
Arthur Liu

Arthur Liu

Distinguished Fellow 19-20

Publication: “Acoustic Measures for Real-Time Voice Coaching”
Daniel Zhu

Daniel Zhu

Distinguished Fellow 19-20

Publication: “Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs as Public Service. Powering Social-Impact Funding in the U.S.”
Vitalii Zakhozhyi

Vitalii Zakhozhyi

Distinguished Fellow 19-20

Fulbright Scholar and MPA Graduate from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance of the University of Washington.

Publications: Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs as Public Service. Powering Social-Impact Funding in the U.S.



Jakub Filipek - AI Fellow - Giving Tech Labs

Jakub Filipek


Joy He - AI Joy He - AI Fellow - Giving Tech Labs

Joy He


Yu Fu - AI Fellow - Giving Tech Labs

Yu Fu


vishwa pardeshi - giving tech labs

Vishwa Pardeshi


Todor Dimitrov - AI fellow

Todor Dimitrov


Vitalii Zakhozhyi - Program Officer AI4PI fellowship

Vitalii Zakhozhyi

Associate Data Scientist


Dr. Ying Li

Dr. Ying Li

Chief Scientist

 Dr. Ying Li has received international awards for her outstanding contributions to the data-mining and AI fields. She holds over 90 patent applications in the area of data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational advertising, performance optimization, program tracing, profiling, and analysis and she Chairs more than 15 international conferences.

AI4PI Publications:

Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs as Public Service. Powering Social-Impact Funding in the U.S.

Acoustic Measures for Real-Time Voice Coaching

measurable impact

RESEARCH (click to see details)

In its first year, the AI4PI Fellowship Program has produced two marquee publications accepted for submission by the premier data science conference, KDD Global.

  • “Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs as Public Service. Powering Social-Impact Funding in the U.S.”
  • “Acoustic Measures for Real-Time Voice Coaching” – featuring complete privacy

We continue our research work focused on Sound and Voice Technologies SUVOTEK™ and on NLP applied to Knowledge Graphs

APPLIED AI (click to see details)

The AI4PI Fellowship program has contributed fundamental programming elements to the following social enterprises:

X4Impact Inc – Domain-Specific Knowledge Graph creation, AI aggregation of social impact challenges and grants, UN Sustainable Development Goals classifier

AISENSA LLC – Software Development Kit (SDK) for sound and voice technology to support making better human connections through the use of real-time feedback in the areas of talking speed and energy with complete privacy using frontier AI.

partnership & sponsorship opportunities

Dr. Ying Li and AI Fellows

fellowship sponsor

Full or partial support for the program for one year, including training a cohort of fellows working on a particular data challenge with broad social applications and the creation of one research paper for submission to Tier 1 conferences.
Fellow in residence

fellow in residence

Underwrite custom research & analysis conducted by one of our fellows for the benefit of a nonprofit organization in need of data science and AI-related work to maximize their social impact.


GTL at AWS 2019

brand visibility

Demonstrate your support for AI applied under ethical principles to solving social problems through a logo or brand inclusion as the sponsor of research papers, webinars, keynotes, and other materials.


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